Submission instructions

Submission instructions

All submissions are handled via the PaperCept platform. This requires that every author has an PaperCept account. Accounts can be registered with the PIN Wizard.

Papers need to be formatted according to the IFAC Author Guide. It is recommended to use the LaTeX or Word template files available from the Author Guide. Draft papers are limited to 8 double-column pages. Final papers are restricted to 6 pages. Papers up to 8 pages long may be considered, but will be subject to an overlength fee.

Invited session proposals

Invited session proposals should include the session scope, aim, outline and the titles, authors and abstracts of 4 to 6 papers. The scope and aim should be at least 1-page long. Each contributor to the session must submit an invited session paper. If an invited session is not accepted, all corresponding papers will be treated as regular submissions. All invited submissions will be reviewed individually and may be accepted or rejected independent of the overall session proposal.

Proposals for workshops

Proposals for workshops to be held on 10th – 11th July 2021 can be submitted by email to They should contain the workshop title, list of contributors, and a short description of the workshop content and format and should be formated using the same style as for regular papers.


We’re looking for abstract submissions in the form of camera-ready extended abstracts. Abstracts must be prepared according to the full and short paper style. Please use the paper template provided there also for the abstract. The abstract length should usually be one page, but can be up to two pages.