Young Author Award

Young Author Award

The IFAC Young Author Award will be awarded for the best paper of which the first and presenting author had a PhD-student status at the time of paper submission.

No self-nominations are allowed. Nominations can be made by supervisors, reviewers, or senior co-authors. The deadline for nominating candidates for the Award is June 16th, 2021. Nominations are proposed by filling in the nomination form and sending it as a PDF file via email to:, clearly stating the name of the Ph.D. student, the title and ID of the NMPC 2021 paper, the role of the proposer with respect to the nominee, and the motivation for the nomination. The nomination form can be accessed HERE.

An award selection committee, appointed by the IPC chairs, will select a number of finalists, on the basis of the nomination letters, the review reports, and the papers. Finalists will be informed before the event. The Committee will select the winner out of the finalists, after having attended the presentation of the paper.

The award will be presented during the NMPC 2021 closing event on Wednesday, July 14th, 2021.

The winner as well as all finalists will be provided with an IFAC certificate.

A 300 Euros prize will be granted to the award winner.